Benvenuti in rodeo

Our philosophy

Rodeo believes that everyone gets closer to cycling because of different reasons and that all these reasons are positive.
We believe that everyone can grow with trainings and we try to support our clients in their attempts and trainings trough friendship.
Rodeo means competing, if you really want it. It means exploring, if you want it. It means working in a team, if you want it. It means making new experiences, if you want it.
It is Mountain Bike, Cicloross, roads, Fatbike, trail and also breaks…actually it does not include breaks..we are really sorry, but Rodeo does not mean resting.
We do not know why you decided to go biking, but we know that you like it.
If you agree with our philosophy, join us.


In 2018 we reached Rodeo 5.0!

Rodeo Adventure Labs was settled with the desider of finding new ideas and exploring new roads. It was designed by a groups of friends in a bar in Denver (Colorado).
5 years later in Italy another group of friend came up with the same idea and they created Rodeo Europe, the Italian supplier.
Experiences, explorations and journeys are our lifestyle.
Do you want to join our team? Great!
Rodeo is a protect that is growing and changing, but most importantly it listens to the requests of its clients. Rodeo tries to adapt the evolution of the products to the market.
Rodeo does not want to copy what the others are already offering, Rodeo wants to create.
If you are looking for a team, you can find many of them.
We are “young” and we will focus on our DNA and on our main values. We will also try to get better through our mistakes.


The most important things:

  • Adventure
  • Teamwork
  • Exploration
  • Loyalty
  • Evolution
  • Friendship
  • Speed
  • Style
  • Innovation
  • Curiosity


Our logo tries to include all the words we mentioned before in just one icon.
The external circle represents the three different types of tyres: Mtb, Ciclocross and road. We believe that each cyclist can learn a lot from every discipline and that everyone can try a unique experience no matter what his/her preparation is.
The central mountain represents the adventures and the unknown, which we absolutely love.