Rodeo Spork 1.2

Rodeo Spork is an extremely versatile fork developed by Rodeo Labs. Robust design, tire clarence, internal cable routing for dynamo and lateral connections allow maximum versatility and adaptability … even for upgrades.


Spork, the Rodeo Labs fork.

The Rodeo Spork is a highly versatile fork that Rodeo Labs developed for our Traildonkey and Flaanimal bikes. It’s stout design, large clearances, all new internal dynamo routing, and plentiful rack mounts allow it to be adapted to a variety of uses.

Rodeo Spork version 1.2


Version 1.2, Rodeo Spork is the first carbon gravel fork with internal cable routing for dynamo hub. Dynamo hubs have been around for a long time but they are gaining more and more interest in adventure bikes thanks to the ability to power non-stop headlights and taillights and also to power USB charging systems for GPS, phones, etc. this is because the growing popularity of gravel events over 400 km have travel times that exceed the autonomy of modern GPS and telephone batteries.

Rodeo Spork 1.2     Tire clarence


The goal of a gravel bike is to allow maximum flexibility and adaptability to the path you choose to do. Precisely for this reason Spork 1.2 has been created which allows the use of 650B and 700C tires, with sizes up to 56 mm.

Rodeo Spork can be ordered with custom colors, best adapting to your bike.
To start a complete customization and to have the fork prices, send us an e-mail.

Technical features

• Weight 515 gr
• Internal Dynamo cable routing
• 15 mm thru axle (conversion kit for 12 mm apart)
• suitable for 650b / 700c rims
• Carbon material
• Stem diameter 29.8 mm

Rodeo Spork 1.2     Flat mount brake

New to the scene in recent years is the new flat mount disc brake standard. Originated by Shimano for the sake of streamlining road caliper weight and appearances, it was quickly adopted by the rest of the industry. The flat mount standard offers the ability to use a lower profile caliper with a 140mm rotor when desired, but it can also switch to 160mm with a quick flip of the flat mount base plate. Clever stuff. Flat mounts are also reverse compatible with post mount disc brakes so no legacy rotors are left behind. Simply use a flat mount to post mount adapter and you’re good to go. Flexibility is a hallmark of the Spork..